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presenting  :

offgrid ecoparc catalan
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Let us first introduce you to the project

9 associations

they take care of sheep and pigs, among other things, plant trees and create vegetable gardens

click on the different logos at the bottom of this page for more info

all together they bought a magnificent land

' Offgrid Ecoparc Catalan '

at the South of France. 

Together they strive to give new life to abandoned lands.

They need your support to put into practice their

beautiful ecological ideologies.

André en Marie Claire





They called on the organizer GLIS who for this purpose organizes gardens for a dozen people in motorhomes or tiny houses in the middle of nature... like roosters ! There will also be a few places for our motorhome sponsors which from such a central location will go to all corners of Europe and North Africa.

What is crowdfunding?

You buy something but your money is not used to make a profit but only to do something useful:

- to help with the start of a project

- for a good cause

- and in our case also to contribute to a better climate and an ecologically responsible society

What we need  :

30.000 € 

- for landscaping,

- install fences,

- build enclosures for chickens, sheep, pigs etc,

- for veterinary expenses and the maintenance of animals,

- install solar water pumps,

- create vegetable gardensfor people from the city and surrounding villages,

- purchases of materials, vehicles and tools,

- solar electrical installation

How can I help ?

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You're goning on holiday in your motorhome,

uou're living in a motorhome or tiny house

and you're loking for a nice place to setlle,


you sponsor a litlle pig or a sheep,


you want to contribute to a better climate and have a tree planted,


in these difficult times you offer magnificent holidays to a poor family

then give your support with 

25 €, 50 €, 100 €,  250 €,  1.000 €  or  5.000 €

How do we thank you ?

25 €

membership cart

 + garden for motorhome or caravan in  

Offgrid Ecoparc Catalan

for 1 weekend

or :  sponsor a poor family

to spent beautiful holidays with us 

find inso on our project  NoMoHo on :

50 € =

membership cart

+ we plant 'your' tree

find info on ur association  Les Arbres DU Futur on


100 € =

membership cart

+ garden for motorhome or carvaan in 

Offgrid Ecoparc Catalan

for 1 week

or  : sponsor a little pig or a sheep

We'll send you regularly a photograph and information how your animal is doing.

Infos on the associations taking care of the pigs and the sheeps :  en


250 € = 

membership cart

+ garden for motorhome or caravan in

Offgrid Ecoparc  Catalan

for 1 week every year

during 5 years


 1.000 € =

membership cart

+ your garden for motorhome or caravan in

 Offgrid Ecoparc Catalan

and you may use it 5 years long

during 4 weeks every year

from which half of them during scolar holidays

( possibility for 8 or 12 weeks )

  5.000  € = 

membership cart

+ you now have at your disposal in  

Offgrid Ecoparc Catalan

permanently your own garden of 270 m2 during 10 years !

In a secure setting because the park is completely fenced and there is a permanent concierge, there is water, solar electricity (optional) and maintenance is possible during your absence.

More details :  

  (also for investment with a view to transferring it with interest later to someone else)


100 €
250 €
1.000 €
2.000 €
3.000 €
5.000 €
25 €
50 €

More details on the ecoparc

sorry but these pages are not translated in english but we can assist you in english

how does it work - staying there the whole year  - surface of the gardens - subscribe on the newsletter

Please be nice and tell around about 

Offgrid Ecoparc Catalan.

We need you  !

onze partner verenigingen   -     les associations partenaires